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Originally Posted by AzB
Many thousands of years ago, a buddy and I were out riding our dinosaurs, lovingly oiling some deserted back roads when his generator stops generating. Soon after, his bike starts running poorly, and we've still got a long way to go to get home, and it's getting dark-thirty.

We scrounge some 16 gauge wire off the side of the road, and wire the two bikes together, so that his bike is getting juice from mine. Now we didn't have that much wire, maybe 6 feet, so we had to ride about 2 feet apart. Side by side, all the way home. There were a couple spastic moments getting going from stop signs and such, but we got a pretty good rythym going after a while.

At any rate, we got home.

whoa, reminds me of another wacky idea. Riders bike was a no go on the FDR, another rider stopped to help. says no problem I'll push you to the next exit. He said he was an MSF instructor and had done this a few times before....with his right foot on the down bikers left passenger footpeg he slowly picked up speed and pushed the other bike with his, using HIS FOOT. sounded wacky to me too, I wasn't there to witness the craz..err wackyness myself.
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