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Originally Posted by HaChayalBoded
whoa, reminds me of another wacky idea. Riders bike was a no go on the FDR, another rider stopped to help. says no problem I'll push you to the next exit. He said he was an MSF instructor and had done this a few times before....with his right foot on the down bikers left passenger footpeg he slowly picked up speed and pushed the other bike with his, using HIS FOOT. sounded wacky to me too, I wasn't there to witness the craz..err wackyness myself.
I've seen this done in person, one of the yokle riders cracked his case so we had an epic gravity race all the way down the foothills, when the road flattened out he was pushed with a foot :)

On the battery stuff, if there was an additive to prevent sulphation it would be in the batteries already. The only desulphation chemical i know if is a food additive, the name of which escapes me, but its designed to eat and capture metal. Lead sulphate being a metal, it eats it off the surface of the plate, hopefully uncovering fresh material.
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