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Late 80's I was on a '83 Cagiva 125 mx bike during a large group amateur enduro type ride= I was doing ok but fouled a plug down in a mile long, low land swamp. Eventually everyone passed me offering advice etc. I said "go ahead"... FYYFF!!!!!!!!!!

Finally after about a half hour of kicking with zero results, I had the idea..."remove the carburetor altogether, then kick it"-so off it came-off to the side. Two hoseclamps...

On about the sixth, or seventh kick the motor caught, slowly at first, then an OMG, hideous shreik up to about 29 thousand RPM for about 20 seconds-an eternity at the time. Somehow the Italian motor held together I reinstalled the carb and rode on out of the woods and caught up to the crew eventually.

That motor never ran better!

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