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250cc is 50cc too many
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Originally Posted by ldeikis
...In NY, a "moped" is essentially defined by top speed, not shifting... but most of them seem to be 49cc and below. Anyone have input on a Tomos A35? TWO whole speeds, but I believe it still qualifies as a moped...
Almost any 4 stroke scooter will be much, much less work than the Tomos. I know 2 guys who recently rode a brand new Tomos and an old Puch from NYC to Phoenix. They made it, but they took a lot of work from small stuff (electrical gremlins, hassle of 2 stroke oil mixing, and constant tuning) to big stuff (crapped out rings and cylinders) on both mopeds. The amount of upkeep far outweighed the ease and low cost of upkeep in my mind. Plus, they weren't any faster than my Ruckus. Compare this to many people who have driven modern, mostly Japanese scooters that far or farther. The amount repairs, even normal maintence, is much lower according to their trip reports (look up Rupert Wilson-Young, who rode Alaska to Tierra del Fuego on a Yamaha Vino 50--approx. 20,000 miles, and Wan, who rode his Honda Ruckus 50 across the USA twice--18,108 miles--in 2007-2008).

If you go small, my suggestion is a Honda Metropolitain for reliability, ease of use and negligible repair/maintence costs.
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