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Originally Posted by approachbears
Its a stretch to call the Spree "little crap" since its as solidly built as the Urban Express and built by the same company. Both are now old, old technology. I'm not sure why you put "modern" in quotes in the thread title, since a newer, better tuned and cleaner running scooter isn't just quote/unquote better. It is going to be less maintenance and more.

That said, you are apparently not going to be satisfied by anything 50cc or maybe any scooter at all. But, I hope you realize that this is not going to be your bike, rather its going to be hers. There's usually no better way to make someone you're dating never ride a motorcycle than by forcing your ideas onto them. How about just investing a $100-$150 in the MSF safety class? Then, let her pick something out based on her own experience. Maybe even let her do the MSF course on a scooter (they allow that these days). She might not get a motorcycle even with a license, but you should never bitch about that since its going to make her just that much safer no matter. As someone married to a woman who never, ever wanted to ride motorized two-wheelers and then ended up owning her own bike on her own terms and as a friend of several couples and single women who took the MSF recently, I can't stress enough the value of letting her choose her own ride.
Very true,
My first motorized 2 wheel vehicle was a Urban express. Guy before me rode it through the woods all the time and then ...........hit a cat on it going fast. So yeah, they are tough.
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