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Originally Posted by approachbears
Its a stretch to call the Spree "little crap" ...I'm not sure why you put "modern" in quotes in the thread title
Whoa, chief, I didn't mean to offed anyone. Lighten up. The only sprees I've had experience on were beat to hell, and I can't imagine there's too many around these days that aren't. RE modern, I have a KLR and compared to the little SL100 I learned on, it's pretty modern. But no one who knows their ass from their elbow could call KLR technology modern without using quotes... which is kind of what I meant--I'm not comparing an 81 Urban Express to a 2009 Aprilia Rocketshippa, I'm comparing it to (for instance) an 86 Spree... you know, turn signals, bodywork, looks like a "scooter" and not a refugee from Gidget.

And I'm not interested in forcing her to ride a bike, if I were she'd have learned years ago. What I'm interested in is seeing this situation solved before I'm in a situation where I've got to go out and get her transportation RIGHT NOW when she realizes that she's not riding a bicycle 5 miles at 5:30 in the morning next spring.

Thanks all for the input. I guess I need to just ride some of these things and check them out, and keep my eye open for a metropolitan or something... as well as maybe let it be her problem to a larger extent.


"To them, the bike's garage clutter. To us, it's a Beretta, half a mil' in cash, and a forged passport hidden under the floorboards. Whether it's used or not, that choice is always there." --Dan Walsh, Bike, December 2003
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