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Offroad clininc at Reiter this Saturday

Wanted to flag to yall in case you had not seen this-

Russ (PacWestGS) is teaching an off road clinic this Saturday to raise money for his Baja team-

Russ is one tough sob, ex military guy, now a US Marshall on planes, he knows what hes talking about- He rides a 1150 and a x650- Class will be very small, 7 people I gather, so youd get lots of 1-1.

Originally Posted by PacWestGS
Edit: There is enough interest that this will move forward. I'm working on the classes and look forward to this Saturday. I am still planning on being there Friday afternoon and spending the night at one of the camping areas. It is my plan to ride as much as I can into the night (remember I'm still racing the Baja 1000 probably at night) and still take whatever time is needed to set up the training area for a great day of off-road "Adventure" training. I hope too not only see the students that have signed on, but anyone else in the area to come out and provide mutual support and motivation. We have food, soft drinks, and a terrific riding area that challenges the beginer to advanced rider.

Even if you are not lucky enough to be a student, please sign in so that we have enough food on hand for everyone that will be there. Thanks!

Who's interested in an off-road "skills" clinic on Saturday October 4, 2008, location depends on most number of willing participants locality. (Edit: Location is Reiter Pit. One mile east of Gold Bar, WA on Hwy 2. Turn left on Reiter Road, (just past the Fire Station on left) go straight at May Creek Road (main road "May Creek" turns left "Reiter Road" continues straight) I will be located in lower pit area - first one you come to - at about 08:00 until about 08:45.) Before you get there a great place to eat breakfast is Sultan Bakery downtown Sultan on Hwy 2.

All procedes will go to support the Snortn' Boar Racing effort to compete in this years Baja 1000 in November.

Let's get dirty, let's have some fun, let's learn to push the envelope a bit, and let's learn some techniques for getting your D/S bike to perform like you and it should.

Who's interested? (First FIFTEEN are IN... alternates that are there on time replace those that are missing)

Some basic topics: Balance, braking, control (body positioning and mechanics), ascents/descents (hill climbing), log crossings, water crossings, root control, hopping rocks, and whatever else I can throw in on a days outing.

Big bikes or small bikes are all welcome - I'll bring one of each. (but you can't ride mine )

I'll provide lunch at a reasonable cost - dogs/brats/burgers and soda pop. (marked up of course)

The cost for this is $150 per rider and I am NOT resposible for any damage/injury to you or your motorcycle. (Just to be clear, this is a donation, I am not profiting from this in any way. All money raised will be used directly to support our race effort in the Baja 1000)

Details and location to follow if interest is shown. (Edit: See above for location - Reiter Pit. If you have a small bike bring it, if you don't bring what you have)

(Edit costs were established after speaking with another local instructor, he says $150 is a bargain, I should charge more. Also, I'm going to cap the course at 15 students although others are welcome to come out watch and enjoy the fun and eat.)

Riders should wear adequate body protection: shoulder, elbows, hips, and knee armour in addition to mandatory: helmet, good over the ankle boots (Off-Road boots prefered), gloves, eye protection and coverage for exposed skin - pants/long sleeve shirt.

Seven spots filled (eight open positions left)

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