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Cool2 Mitfch checking in

Mitch here, waiting for my own account to go through...

I made it back in one piece with a relatively quiet ride.

Except that at one point, after a gas stop a pack of Harleys pulled up behind me. There were 7 or 8 of them, and they were lacking beards so i knew they weren't real Harley guys. So i figure, hell, I'm on a moped, I go 30 mph... The speed limit its 55... There's too many of them to pass me without breaking formation (something Harleys are always reluctant to do) so i figure i'd mess around a bit and pretend i was the leader of the pack. So i tossed my legs up on my turn signals and leaned way back assuming the standard harley badass highway position. I road like that for a mile or two before I let them get by me (they looked angry and a bit embarassed) so i pulled ino the shoulder and waved politly at each as they passed me. Not one of them acknowledged my existance. Typical Harley D-bags...

on a different note, did i see gravy the other day? I think i may have...
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