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Originally Posted by gabrielu
sorry I could not make tonite - had to watch me some comedy/horror show in tv, the veepees...
Lesson learned: Gosh darn it, I don't have to have me answer them questions, bacause I have the answer already memorized, wink wink- Oh, and it's back to nucular instaed of nuclear-
Heh. Hung out with His Dudeness and one of the new guys for awhile.

A beer is exactly what the doctor ordered, even if I did have to step out in the rain to have an after-dinner smoke.

Trust me, far better an after-dinner smoke than an after-dinner going-postal spree. Far better indeed.

Gotta figure out a way to get the beers into the middle of the day. Damn East Coast customers always want to schedule meetings from 10 to 2 PST.
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