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From Mosca to Kazakhstan border

My first hotel along the M9: always during my travel i used motel for truck driver. From my own experience normally they are cheap, somebody always take care of your truck, or motorcycle or car. You can even get good information about directions and road status

this motel has not room, ma little houses with one room

my first russian dinner: soup and fish

the next morning ( my 5th day of ride) I started to Mosca

finally Mosca (Mockba) and now how reach midtown ? I didnít have a GPS just maps and some fotocopy of cities from some books. Easy: ask to the people wherís the Kremlin. It is right in the middle of the city ! Mosca is a big city: 45 minute to reach Kremlin

my hostel was really close to the Kremlin in Arbat street, that was a promenade so I had to push my motorbike along the street, but it was possible put it inside the entrance

my room has 8 sleeping bed, and there was common kitchen

Nadia and Olga the receptionist whith my book guide

The next day a classical tour Kremlin and Red Square

a picture with a Japanese tourist group. When you are traveling and arenít sure about the best position to take a picture of you and a monument or special place, look at the Japanese: they always choose the best position for the classical souvenir picture

S. Basilio Cathedral: beautiful

the Bolshoi Theatre

in the afternoon i went to a bar near my hotel. The day before I had seen a lot of russian biker and I was searching a mechanic to can check my Suzuki: there was any particular problem but I had did still 3000 km.
They was nice and one of them that could speak english called a mechanic, Igor and fixed an appointment the morning after near a motorshop: Motorland.

the shop and Igor

after two days I started again along east: here this russian tourist want to take a picture with me

in this motel i was in a 9 people dormitori, but i was alone

a stop to dine

the Volga river: very wide, it isnít ?

not bad this motorway cafŤ

a typical russian city

Sasha the truck driver by which I sleped in the same room: nice he helped me a lot, ordering the breakfast and giving some indications for the roads

today I was heading for Urali Mountains

around 8 pm it began to rain a little, so I take a break to prepare some rice ( in my bag I have food and a blazer)

on the road again and finally around 9,30 pm a motel, a little bit strange

another day, another motorway cafŤ

Here Iím in Del Abinsk, near the Kazakhstan border

this isnít a motelÖbut a bar

the Russia-Kazakhstan border !

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