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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
So you did or did not disconnect the headlights before attempting to kickstart? I didn't get the special ignition position (sans lux) to work for me, so I just disconnected the low beam headlight wire from the bulb.

I don't know about bump starting an adventure (dorkpunch has an Enduro model so it might be different ) on a dead battery WITH the headlights hooked up. You will have better luck with the headlights disconnected or off with a special switch.

WestCo batteries seem to be OK, and they plop right in. Odyssey batteries do not plop right in, but I have been happy with mine. Yuasa are great batteries too; don't blame them for any woes.
Thanks for the reply meat.My 06 640 adv.I was trying to kick it with the key turned to headlight mode on and it would not start,then after checking this thread I saw that guys where having luck with key turned one click to right of lock and the bike will start without the lights on.I have not tried to kick it in this mode yet,next time.With battery as low as it was being the dumd arse I am trying to kick it with lights on certainly didnt do the battery any favors of coarse,killed it real quick.So next time I'm gonna check that out, if it will kick with battery low in in lights off mode.But Im looking for new battery at the moment.Any recommended place to pick up the Westcos/Yuasa in the california region?Also have you had luck kicking yours over with battery low in lights Off mode?Thanks PBD
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