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Originally Posted by pitbull doug
... Im looking for new battery at the moment.Any recommended place to pick up the Westcos/Yuasa in the california region?

Also have you had luck kicking yours over with battery low in lights Off mode?Thanks PBD
I buy this kind of stuff off the internet. My Odyssey battery did come from a guy in Gilroy, CA but I doubt he carries anything else. Remember the Odyssey is not plug n' play.

I have had no luck with this secret squirrel lights off position... but I can easily pop the back cover off the lights, disconnect the wire to the bulb (ensuring the shroud covers the spade so it doesn't ground out and blow a fuse), and have started my bike after it sat for over 6 months off the charger. The Odyssey was still "lighting" the lights/dash, but the joy button just giggled at me. Disconnected the headlights, and had no problem kicking her over.
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