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Originally Posted by bluesman

800rider, as for taking on DR in twisties gimme good tarmac and I'll take my VTR1000 against my DR800 any time Let's not expect it to be more than it is - an excellent 50/50 bike in my opinion superior to many more recognized makes/models. And for tarmac it desperately need big wide 17 inch tyres like supercorsa, then we can realize it's excellent road manners into considerably fast bike. But on my 800 front slides WAY earlier than it does on my VTR, and low-down torque of VTR leaves no chance to DR. And my friend's GSXR K5 eats my VTR for breakfast. So...DR is good, but not that good. Perhaps you just much better rider than other guys - did you thought of that?

But as for other kind of tyres. I had excellent experience in this Norway tour with Michelin Anakee. And they seem to last good but at same time very grippy for DS tyre. I guess they will suck offroad thou...
Hi Bluesman,

Ive been busy lately but am just catching up with thread now.
In regard to your comments I,d say that your bike needs more front wieghting, mine used to push the front a little so I dropped the front end in yokes by 10mm and jack up the back with the spring preload 10mm, no more push, In regards to 800 back road abilities I think that the trick is that off ease off riding, ability to deal with uneven road surfaces,monster usable low end, and good ground clearance that make the DR:s Fast in the twisties, though I will admit to being a little crazy when dueling with others, Usually I tell myself off afterwards and promise to take it easier next time ( yer right )

A friend of mine Who owns a 08 Fireblade and an ST1300 did a bike swap with me when he was out on his ST and was suprised how well the DR cornered so Im happy with that,

Chow for now

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