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Originally Posted by bluesman
well, it is true - DR on road suprisingly good handler..

I already tried dropping front. Over 145 kmph my DR starts to...weave?shake? when I do that and then front still slides too early and too scary comparing to full-scale asphalt bike. It's just contact patch too small...

BUT wait until I will put SV wheels on it ;)

BTW - just done my ride on Pirelli MT21s. Thanks for boosting my confidence back then - it was totally OK. Yes, they are much easier to slide but I had my trip to back and there with no probs and offroad riding with them was miles better than with Mefo's I had before. I even learned how to ride DR in soft dusty sand, thou must admit with my height it takes me imitiating forced wheelie to unload front of DR in sand :) I am too small :)
Something sounds amiss there as My DR is rock steady, off course without knowing your exact settings it would be hard to compare, at the momment Im running Conti Escape tires perhaps they are particly good in this regard??

Extra sets off wheels would indeed be the ultimate answer though as you said,

I also wonder about different Riding styles Im a dirt biker from way back and tend to ride around what evers happening on bike to compensate I dont Really have a road ridding style, as soon as the corners go under 70kph I stick my foot out motard style, sometimes even on my Harley if Im
desperate, Or Else maybe your just going way faster than me ?

Click above for pic

Cool that the MT21s worked out Ill be getting a set to try soon, but to be Honest they will probable go on my NX650, Im doing the Road thing at the mo with the DR and loving it, So much low end, my mates CB1300 feels weak down low by comparison and as I try to keep within the NZ Liscences Loosing speed off 140kph, I dont want top end which of course those road burners have in abundance,

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