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well, I might be pushing DR a bit wrong since I am used to ride VTR which is very nice taking corners. On other hand I realized it (front whell on edge) happens to me over 90 kmph in kinda typical sportbike-heaven corners, which demand stiffer chassis and generally are more of high-speed corners.
I felt it in Norway when few times pushed DR to take corners at 90+, so I think I should just adapt better. Below 90 it seems to have enough grip. Plus I know I do one thing wrong - I really taking corners in sportbike style, leaning a lot which often not that necessary and that obviously reducing contact path.

As for stability - I posted this story once here. Seems it is to do with me and particular setup rather than with DR. I am short guy but not too light, so my riding position is very specific to me...It happened on my friends bikes too when I tried it (non-DR)

Here is whole story. As of moment I did unwind preload a lot (to factory medium setting) stability issue dissapeared. When I try to up preload at rear or drop forks in front it comes back....
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