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Originally Posted by bluesman
well, I might be pushing DR a bit wrong since I am used to ride VTR which is very nice taking corners. On other hand I realized it (front whell on edge) happens to me over 90 kmph in kinda typical sportbike-heaven corners, which demand stiffer chassis and generally are more of high-speed corners.
I felt it in Norway when few times pushed DR to take corners at 90+, so I think I should just adapt better. Below 90 it seems to have enough grip. Plus I know I do one thing wrong - I really taking corners in sportbike style, leaning a lot which often not that necessary and that obviously reducing contact path.

As for stability - I posted this story once here. Seems it is to do with me and particular setup rather than with DR. I am short guy but not too light, so my riding position is very specific to me...It happened on my friends bikes too when I tried it (non-DR)

Here is whole story. As of moment I did unwind preload a lot (to factory medium setting) stability issue dissapeared. When I try to up preload at rear or drop forks in front it comes back....
Thats all very interesting,
My thoughts are

1, that you are probable talking about speeds at the uper limits off the DRs capabilities I personal experience is that over 150kph cornering things start to flex a bit but Im still ok (just) till 160kph with my riding style, A VTR wouldnt even flinch at those speeds as its designed to do them easily, and my Harley starts to bend at 140kph quite badly and I cant ride it In the company of sports bikes at all, though I have done but they all laugh at how much I have to lean off it to turn, I talking hard cornering and switchbacks as per map below,

Last Ride was from Clevedon to Miranda and back up through Hunua if you type in Clevedon, in front off Auckland you will get start point and just go up to Kawakawa bay and then down coast in satellite mode, dont ya just love Google Earth,+New+Zealand&layer=&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=13&iwloc=addr

2, Bike setup to you personaly is obviosly criticle,more rear bias sounds like what you need and perhaps we could do setup comparisions between our bikes if you want, the best way to do this is to firstly measure the rear sag with you sitting on the bike, eg distance from rear mufler bolt to rear axle, I could post some pics to ilustrate if you like, and then hieght of forks in top triple clamps, you wieght in Kg would also help to estimate front suspension load

3, definatly something going on with you riding style perhaps you are to forceful at speeds and over imputing into Bike, at higher speeds that can happen with these kinds of bikes since the turn quite easy on thier own,
Al interesting stuff for us bikers to nut out, Chow

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