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Re: lights on. NZ is about to get this crap, buried in the back of a block of legislation banning hand-held cellphone use. ie where it is little-known and little-publicised. They are not mandating switchless lights, but rather that it is law that the rider must have them on.

Back in Australia (hi Godsilla) in the early nineties, ADR 19.01 (Australian Design Rule "Lights On") was pushed through by a federal minister who allegedly had a bee in his bonnet about it due to a personal grievance. Some of the biggest protests ever staged in Australia were over this legislation, such that some of the states suggested they wouldn't implement the federal guideline. In the end, they capitulated and it was law for a while, since repealed.

At the time I followed the issue closely, read LOTS of material on the issue. The state of Victoria commissioned their own comprehensive study - I bought a copy of it, it makes very interesting reading about the whole issue of "being seen", what works, what doesn't, and when "being safe" is different to "being seen". It simply backed up virtually every other study done on the issue: it don't work, and it isn't worth it. They stated that the best way forward was to spend money on an education campaign to encourage riders to turn their lights on when the situation demanded it.
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