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Originally Posted by mousitsas
unfortunately, the bike is in my dads garage and my dads garage is 2 months away right now. However, setup is as simple as it sounds. The clamp-ons where bought to be fitted on a 1150gs but the bike didnt like them, so I put them on the big dr. A bit of intermediate tubing helps with torque low down and made them actually fit, since the carbs where larger size than the GS throttle bodies. The only pain is to remove the airbox which is a very tight fit. I dont cross rivers, so height is not a problem, but otherwise is not recommended.
Thanks for that Mousitsas, I guess I'll go back to the drawing board. Not much good to me if the setup is to low, N.Z. has lots of rivers with roads/tracks beside/accross them and I never know when I'll be on one.
BTW does anyone have an old spare airbox kicking around the back of the shed they'd like to donate to the cause ($$ offered of course)
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