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Originally Posted by mousitsas
Hi dear fellows,

I wanted to share with you my experience so far with the BIG one. I own a 750 and I will be soon getting a mint 800 of 96. So, As someone posted above, it is true KLX650 upside downs fit the 750 like a glove, no machining required, same bearings too. I have fitted these to my 750 and i will transfer them to the 800 soon-ish.
Its is by far the best mod handling wise to the bike. Very stable at all speeds even with a 20 year old back shock. I didnt even change springs up front, but i cant tell if they were the originals as i bought the forks from ebay.

Another interesting little thing. The 750 (and i guess the 800 too) respond extremelly well to ditching the airbox and fitting clamp-on KNs. Havent dyno'ed yet, but changed the main jets with a pair of 130 i had lying around and attached the KNs to a plastic tube of about 15cm long and 5 in diameter, which in turn where fitted to the carbs by a very non permanent sleeve made out of old inner tyre tube. Not the best craftmanship, but wanted to experiment before doing anything more permanent. Exhaust is stock, very rusty and with the last 10cm of it fallen off from rust and vibes, so a little bit more open than standard but not very much so.

Results? Simply amazing. I was never able to see more than 165km/hr before, but the bike now pulled hard to the red line. Top indicated speed with standard gearing was about 185 till rev limiter cut-off. The accelaration from 140 on 5th was fantastic. Absolutely no hesitation either at low revs whatsoever. Unforyunately the afore mentioned engine was toasted due to doing 5000km without checking the oil level and when i did so, the top end was rattling, and i managed to pure out 200ml of oil. Engine had 70,000km at that point.

I'm planning now to do the same to 800, put the klx forks in it, get a decent shock, fabricate a single exhaust with larger diameter downpipe, get excel rims, and look to the possibility of fitting fcr's.

As i wont get the 800 till a month or so, i was wondering if anybody knows whether the 750 tanks and plastics fit the later 800 frame. I like the old 750 looks much more than the 800. Alternatively, would the 800 engine fit the 750 frame?
DR800 engine fits to DR750 frame. Engines are almost identical outside. Magneto cover is different because startmotor and torque limiter. But there is difference between electrics (CDI unit etc.). I was told to put 750 magneto and pickup)powersource coils etc. located in the magneto cover with 800 engine with 750 wires and electrics. Runs with no problems. (or did) I didn't try dr800 magneto electrics with dr750 CDIs. Might work as well.

BTW people, what is your fuel level, jets needle positions etc. and exhaust setup. I have everything stock , but with Laser Produro. I've replaced many worn out carburetor parts and I'm lost with jetting. With old parts bike run rich at high RPMs and ok. or bit lean in lover RPMs. Now i have lean all rpms. I think... I plan to to make some air box modifications next winter with foam filter. But i have to get bike runnig with no problems before that

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