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Originally Posted by Iceveign

High Five, your write ups are great, and have caused me to consider a 250 cc bike when before I thought that a 600 cc bike was what I was looking for.

Currently I had narrowed my choices to the Husky te610, and Ktm 690 enduro, Yamaha wr450, and now the wr 250. I would assume that the 3 larger cc bike would all be fine on the highway, but the 250 would excel in tighter woodsy type terrain. I have pretty much eliminated the Ktm and the 450(thanks to your write up HF) so the question I have is what you guys opinions would be on the Husky vs the wr250, the weight and bike dimensions seem close, so if any of you have experience with the Husky I would value your opinion. Thx.
Thanks Iceveign, glad you found it informative. I have no experience with any of the "modern" Husky's. I do have lots of experience with the REAL Huskys of yesteryear....i.e. the 70's. So, I know its shocking to all, but I have to pass on this question.

In referring to the Yama's, its important to know if you mean the Rē or the WR250F....since you've left your descript vague. Just want to make sure you've clarified that.

Then, my 2 cents is: how comfortable do yo want to be...for how long a period of riding (at a time)....for how much FUN. Decide that FIRST, and it should really help your decision making as you sort it out, throw legs over bikes, test ride, etc. Kind of hard to know if its "the one" just looking on paper or sitting in the showroom. Frankly, that's why I "stepped up to the plate" as Krabill settle things for myself. Probably why I had so many bikes in the garage....seeking "the One". A TE310 with FI sounds very appealing. Beyond that, I donno. Perception vs. Reality...?????

For me, I've found it. RēRēRēRēRē ALL THE WAY!


p.s I'm having a freaking blast on Rē all the time, everywhere! That's all I know for certain. BTW, I finally jumped on the KLR yesterday to take a spin. Wouldn't start.....the battery was DEAD! Didn't realize it had been that long since I rode it. Wow...another Revelation!
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