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Originally Posted by Iceveign
Yes High Five, I was referring to the r2, as ya'll call it. I want a bike that I can ride 2 -4 hours on occasion in one direction on the street to get to some trails and camp site, then be able to rip it up a bit on the dirt and do some exploring. Although long, long rides on the highway is not a must, since in reality if I'm going that far from home I would probably haul it to my destination for safety and peace of mind. I just want a dual sport that will ride on the highway at 70-80 without feeling like it's being pushed to hard, I have no concerns about dirt riding with the r2. I want a bike that ways around 300lbs. or less, so bikes like the klr650 and the dr650 I have eliminated.

That's why I was considering the Husky te610, because it weighs around 309lbs. The dealer(15 miles from my house)told me the engine was different from the other te's, less maintenance and gear'd more for the road. But since reading HF's comments about the wr450 maybe having to much power on the dirt I can see how the same thing might be true with any 600cc bike.

This little 250 by Yamaha is starting to look more and more like the wisest choice, it's really growing on me.
Ok...that helps a bunch. First, I don't care what you ride...really, I don't. So, there's no "persuasion" intended here at all. R is a very comfortable 65 - 70mph ride on the highway. It'll make 80 ok, but I don't think I'll ever be running long stretches at that speed. I'd need a "cruise-lock" to keep the throttle pegged that long. Very close to top limit of bike.

Again, can't speak for the Husky. But that seat looks suspiciously similar to my (ex) WR450F....which was a 2x4 with vinyl. Those were made that way because the enduro bikes are intended to have riders "standing" on the pegs most of the time. Just saying....

If you ever get a field test on R don't be deceived by your initial (wimpy) impressions. This baby will rip it in the woods if you stay on the revs hard. Most people don't ride bikes like that. But sounds like you do. If so, I think you'd have a big fat grin on your face. Then, when you'll look back and wonder "that's a 250 street bike...?"

Its not earth shattering, heart stopping, unbelievable power. Nope! Just maybe the most darn FUN I've ever had with a true dualsport machine. I finally quit trying to figure out why. Now, I just RIDE!

And, all my other bikes are getting neglected....really bad!


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