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Rattle Snake Point Ride - Oct '08

So a new installment of the NX's Ontario travels

This weekend - a thanks giving weekend here in Canada -
I covered about 800km on various fun to ride roads around there.
It was a very eventful weekend, first since I did an oil change on the bike
and added the zMax I was curious to cover some milage and see if there
would be a noticable difference and secondly because I experienced my
first "stuck on the side of the road" scenario on one of the rides.

So the story goes;

Figured out some map planing, not for the sakes of getting lost as these
rides are short and simple from the navigation perspective, but for the sakes
of finding good twisty roads and cool spots to stop and explore.
I packed my tools, spare(clear) visor, and lunch in my little bag,
taped the map to the tank, bungied everything to the rack and I was ready to go.

My travels would take me via some well known riding roads about 75km
northwest of downtown Toronto. I would spend almost 5 hrs exploring the twisty roads,
some long gravel driveways, and dirt farm field access roads.
I am a sucker for adventure so I always look for a way to get off the main
roads even if it just ends up taking me to somebody's property.

Here is a pic of the bike as I started getting close to the cool roads.
You can kinda see the Niagara Escarpment in the background.

A few of the dirt/gravel driveways I explored

The fall colours are in full blast as leaves are changing colour and falling all over the place

This was a fun (challenging little down hill bit)

Not sure if you can tell but I was really really happy

Some more interesting sites, such as this
- video surveilance on a public road - that's a first for me in Canada

On the top of this road I got of the bike super fast to try and take some pictures and when
I got back to the bike it was on the ground in a big puddle of gasoline.

I was pretty pissed, I am not sure what happened but I am suspecting the worst,
I didn't put the bike on steady enough of ground and it tipped and fell over,
likely due to the slope I left it on and the high wind.
Suddenly I was not as happy anymore.

Pick up the bike; mirror knocked off, the recently refurbished exhaust guard bent and scratched,
newly painted right side cover panel slightly scratched, bent brake pedal.
Ok take some time chill, breathe deep, ok I push the bike a little to a more comfortable spot on
the side of the road and away from all the gas.

I turn it on and try the start it but the starter just spins away, now I get even more worried.
I am 100 klicks from home, and nooo way in hell I could afford a tow.

Relax I say to myself, what can it be, the fall was not hard, it can't be that bad.
I realize that because of all the fuel it is quite possible that the carb or the engine are flooded.
So the tools are out, the side panels come off, the tank is lifted up slightly and the spark plug is out.
Oh it is wet - ok let it dry out, check the carb all looks good.

Few minutes and bunch of mosquito bites later the plug is back in and on the first click the bike starts.
I am feeling much better, but still kicking myself for letting this happen.
So I bend the break pedal out, put the mirror back on and
I am on my marry way feeling like I really accomplished something.

I was feeling happy again

Still loving his little bike, and the places it takes me
my mini ride reports
"parts made of unobtanium"

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