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750 airflow

I pulled the airbox and the DRZ can off yesterday. I was toying with the idea of making a custom airbox but my go with open filters and a prefilter or open filters and an open box design just to protect the filters and possibly create a bit of a low pressure around them to help knock the dust out of the air. I want to have the ability of ease of access yet still retain a relatively clean environment to extend the filter life when riding in the back of the pack on high speed dirt roads. Can anyone tell me if there is a single filter that will fit the existing intake boot to the carbs or should I get rid of that boot and go with twin filters?

Also I think I may try the can from an XR650R and see how that performs. It is totally stock and I will open it up as needed to get the power and loudness I want. I'm sure I will have to open up somewhat and I know you can do wonders with them on the 650 just by changing/modifying the tip. Do you guys think this will be a worthwhile venture for the pipe? Or should I just go with a slip on from a big street bike and be done with it? In case it matters, I currently have a 50mm diameter custom headpipe so there will be little to no restrictions there.

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