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Originally Posted by Megathumper
I'm curious Joe Bar, If I couldn't use or didn't have any Hairspray, what else would work? I am assuming not soapy water because of the electrics??

You said the original grip was too tight I think, did Motorworks give you another the same or was it for a different model?

Overall a great install, very professional job!
I didn't have any hairspray (due to having very little hair ) and my wife doesn't use it. I just bought the cheapest can I could from a local store. Worth it as it works so well.

It became clear that the clutch side grip supplied was originally designed to slip over the handlebar, but not the mounting tube as well. I got it pretty stuck half way on, and it wasn't worth forcing on or off, so I just cut it off again. Motorworks sell each side as a seperate item, so just ordered up another throttle side grip, which has a slightly larger bore to go over the throttle tube.

Was out all day on the bike yesterday, had the grips on low setting the full day with my summer gloves on and they worked great.
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