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Originally Posted by Dino3310
Hi Again Dino, will add you to page one, one things for sure you wont be able to park your bike anywhere and not be noticed, I was out with some Harley friends ( My harley was in bits ) on my DR a while ago and a passer by was checking out my 800 and didnt even look at the Harleys, I still get a kick when people cant believe its that many CC;s and a Single

Blues, Im going to try cutting top out off my air filter and some kind of velocity stack soon as I think there a bit more HP hiding in there yet, Id say Im about 52hp at the wheels now ( stock when new and tight 47HP) so maybe 56HP with filter mods as I think someone:s done jets as it runs stong from cold and it fuel Smokes if revved, Pipes already modded and loud

DRBig Model Rundown for those who havn't seen before is on front page to view also

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