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Originally Posted by PrairieRider
Seems like we might be pulling something together! I started a thread about it in the Rockies forum and subscribed to it so I can bring it to life again as it sinks to the bottom of the line up as it inevitably will since Aug '09 is so far away. Just thought a thread might be an easier way to keep track of info rather than have it scattered in this thread.

Will try to keep tabs on the AMA website to notify folks when registration info is posted. Don't know if the conference will have limited registration or not.

Granite probably have better info about about camping in Keystone than I, so if you want to handle that end of things, great. If you want help, I'm happy to assist. It would be important to find someplace that would take reservations as opposed to first come, first served since there will likely be a lot of folks in town looking to camp not to mention locals and tourists.
Prairierider and Granit Girl, thanks for taking on the job of getting together over beer to discuss camping. Good idea on starting a thread in the Rockies. I'll start one in the Pacific Northwet in the next few days and get them pointed to your thread.

This should be fun.
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