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bit of a change of plans

Well I gutted the DRZ pipe and wow it was really choked up. Not a lot of breathing room in that thing. Have been in contact with the previous owner and he only had it out for one ride with that can and he liked the quietness of the bike but never really had it long enough after the rebuild to get the bugs out.

So like the title says, I'm doing a bit of a change of plans. I was going do something with the intake like a k&n or something like that but after talking with the last owner he said that it had lots of power with the stock pipe (rusted out). So I was just going to rebuild the insides of the pipe for nowand leave the stock airbox in place.

I have discovered a small Twin-Air filter for a KTM that is basically just a flat piece of foam that would fit nicely if you made a cut out for it on the top of the stock box. I may go in that direction next season after I get the pipe finished and of course put her to sleep for the winter.

Otherwise I am going to build a straight through exhaust. I'm just building a mesh tube insert and going to wrap it with packing. I will play around with internal baffles until I am happy with the sound and power balance but I do expect it to be loud and powerful. I suppose the way it should be.

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