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Originally Posted by Dino3310
certainly gets the looks- i might have to get some matching rider gear so i look the part.
i gotta learn how to throw her around off road before i do any HP mods,
a lot of weight to hold up(and lift up) when it goes wrong
Two things to consider

1 It will never be a motorcross bike, and should be ridden acordingly,

2, setup is very important in regard to the type of ridding you intend to do tyres and ride hight settings are biggies, to be quite honest DRbigs are great on the road and gravel and can do hard dirt but any thing soft will have the front end in fits and the back end sinking unless you run agressive tires, Also setting the bike up low will alow you more leyway at slow spead when turning slow as you really nead to be able to touch you feet easily on the ground, otherwise the bike may fall over on you and 190kg is not so easy to move once down

I also as have a YZ250F motorcross bike and I notice when the tires lose thier edge.
Riding the My Dr in the soft would be like Riding my YZ on rims

Dont expect to much offroad on dual sport tyres and youl be OK
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