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Originally Posted by bonegrl
I'm going to look at a different bikes, but we have to drive to Atlanta to look at the BMWs. I am definitely getting the whole smaller to begin with is a good idea, but we want to get something that we can both ride (not together). The other thing is, I want something that doesn't look so much like a dirt bike if that makes sense. Something that I can out the hard cases on and not be odd. I am going to look at the Sherpa on Monday if they have one at the shop. I have to haul the hubby's bike over to get serviced for when he comes home. Thanks for the sugesstions!
If you're in Atlanta looking at BMWs ... take a look at the G650 XCountry. I think it's 40-50 lbs lighter than a GS. Makes a huge difference, at least to me. And the 2009s are quite a bit lower than the 07-08 models, FYI.

But smaller is better to start. I started on a Yamaha XT 225.

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