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Originally Posted by bonegrl
Looking at the BMW F650GS, though the guys in the A.A.R.S.E. thread are telling that I should get something cheaper to start with since I can't take it out on single track or OHV. I have an ATV for that. But I did register for a beginners course for next month. I guess that is a good start.

EDIT: I just realized that you have what I want...I like the silver. And the red (it would match the truck and toy hauler). What is your opinion? I'm not planning on taking it through the woods the day I get it or anything. I am planning on taking the intermediate riding course and the BMW course also.
I agree something cheaper and smaller to start is a good way to go. If you can find a very inexpensive used bike to ride for the first few months you can do your learning and possibily dropping with that. If you get a good used bike say 5 years old or more you can always get your money out of it when it comes time to buy your dream bike. After taking a class and getting a little riding in your have a much better idea of what you want for you.

We all have ideas of what the best bike is but that's the best bike for us. Right now I want to look at the new G650GS BMW two cylinder that's coming out. It might even be at your BMW shop now. The X series bikes are nice too but way too tall for me and will never be in my sights.

With that said V-Stroms are good bikes and if you can find a good used one it would be a good bike if you are going to start on a 650. The Buell Blast is also a good bike if it's only going to be used for road riding.

There are all sorts of great bikes out there to start on and it depends on what type of riding you want to do while you get a few miles under you and get comfortable with the bike.

I started on a 100 cc bike many years ago and it was the best for me. I also wasn't trying to keep up with "the big boys". The 200-250 cc dual sport bikes are great for starting on too. In fact I have a DR200 that I enjoy the heck out of because it's easy to ride and easy to turn around in tight spots, also easier to pick up if it goes over and it has.

There are lots of choices out there, sit on all the bikes you can, feel it, see how it fits you, leaing it back and forth, push it forward, back it up and most important find the bike that you connect with and not what someone else things you should get.

Good luck, I'll be waiting to see what you decide on for your first bike.
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