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Wink Hello.... Lady Draco??...could use your help!!

Originally Posted by PrairieRider
Hey, gals - The following event is taking place in Keystone, CO next year in August. I know this is pretty early, but I also know some folks make plans early.

Women's Motorcycle Event

The host facility looks a bit pricey but they do have condos to rent. If a group got together, could probably get the price down to something reasonable.
This sounds really great....quite a distance for a little Yamaha XT 250 - but maybe if I got my tires switched out by then (OEM's Cheng Shi* are *unstable and squirmy* at all speeds)....and dressed up my bike to take longer trips - kinda' like Lady Draco's - it might work. Camping would be great, too, but I'd probably rather rent a condo if some others would like to go in on that.

Lady Draco....what kind of tires did you put on your XT, and what did you use for your rack to tie on your gear? As much as I love my husband, I'm really yearning to go on an all female trip.. !!!

Bonegrl - how tall are you? I have heard Sherpa's are a great way to start. On my XT 250 - my feet are *almost* flat, and I'm about 5'4 1/2. With MC boots - I'm much more comfortable. I also started many years ago on a smaller bike (at least, a lower to the ground street bike). I've heard Honda Rebel's are a great street bike on which to start, if you're not interested in a dualsport...Where are you located - 'cause we will all help 'ya find something that will work for you!! And sometimes what is available depends on where you are, and how far you are willing to travel to get it. :^)

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