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I commented on this conversion in another thread, and I'm glad to see a new one dedicated to the issue. I'm really interested in pursuing this, and will be haunting eBay for the parts I need.

One thing that adds just a little complication to my conversion is that my bike has ABS. At a bare minimum, I'd need to put together some kind of custom bracket for the sensor, which currently mounts right to a hole in the fork leg casting. In addition, I'll need to adapt the sensor ring to whatever wheel/brake I wind up with.... So I think I'd prefer that it remain stock if possible. Might need to talk to Woody about adapting that.

From casually browsing the listings, it looks like bikes from about '98 to '03 had forks roughly similar in diameter to my stock Showas, although upside down of course. That ought to be plenty strong I reckon. It looks like larger tubes came out in '04 or so. I'm wondering a bit about clearance issues if I went for the larger, and presumably stronger legs.
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