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Originally Posted by wonky
We made the crash bars available for order today.
Ive put a lead time of four weeks until dispatch , hopefully we'll be able to get them sent out sooner, but ive put this on in case a high volume of orders puts us on the back foot.

Get em here!

Its important to note that buyers from outside the EU will not be charged UK VAT at 17.5%. This is included in our prices on most shop pages, to see the price excluding VAT look in the actual product detail pages where both prices are shown.
The Shopping Basket will show the price including VAT until you login or enter delivery details at checkout, it will then take the VAT off the goods(but not shipping as there isnt any on that...)
This makes all our products cheap(-ish) at the moment on top of the pound crashing against the dollar, so cash in while you can! For instance, check the current pricing on Kriega ...

Hppy Shopping

I ordered mine last night, the page said 2 days for delivery via DHL. Is this accurate for a shipment to the united states? Also you said 4 weeks for shipment. Does this mean there are none waiting to be shipped? Or will the first orders see their bars sooner?
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