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Hey guys

Thanks for the nice feedback. We're in the home stretch now. One more episode of weirdness, some quality family time, and finally a mega-dose of high anxiety stress before chapter 2 comes to a close, and the Mobius trip goes into hibernation until spring.

The Navajo reservation is at a higher altitude than Hwy 89, and the road down passes through something called "The Gap". I don't know if this is how the clothing store got it's name. Kinda strange if it is.

So we dropped down onto Hwy 89 for about 50miles of windy slab jockying with fast cars and trucks.

Within two minutes, my right butt cheek is feeling the absence of the 2L water bottle that was removed for the benefit of the not-dead-yet guy.

I know what you're thinking... suck it up, big guy. It's just a little monkey butt. After all you've suffered, this should be cake.

And I agree, so I decide to tough it out.
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