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Excellent tinkering! I have been thinking about some sort of aide like this ever since I got my 1150GSA. I have dropped it numerous times, and it was never easy to pick it up. Always needed to unload the panniers and take off what was strapped on top. I never could get the butt to saddle method to work - I'd just end up sliding the bike sideways, so I'd wind up sort of crouching down and lifting with the upper part of the thigh under the seat. This is always a scary thing to do because I have lower back issues, and always pictured myself lying in the road in agony after trying to lift that pig. Being scared of having to lift it also makes one a poor dirt rider, hence more likely to drop it, a vicious circle.

My first experience trying to lift a BMW was a K1200LT that I had rented for 3 days just to see if that was a bike for me. As I hate sleazy noisy motels next to highways, and am too cheap for expensive noisy hotels next to highways, I usually find some old dirt road going nowhere to follow for a while and then pitch a tent. I successfully navigated that aircraft carrier of a bike down a dirt/sandy road/riverbottom, and then dropped when I stopped! Sat there thinking OMG, what have I done? . after an hour of trying to pick up close to 900 lbs in the sand, I finally hit on the idea of digging a hole in the sand and pushing the front tire into the hole which righted the bike enough to be able to lift it the rest of the way. Then used the bike's reverse gear (?) to back out of the hole.
Decided right there that any motorcycle that needs a reverse gear is not a motorcycle for me!
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