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Originally Posted by Tasy's BIGJIM
That's it!!
B.m Riders are Tossers! I'm selling mine. I don't want nothing to do with them? Your Like my Aunty's Frilly Nickers!
What is any Bike doing in SNOW with Road Tyres?
IF YU CAN'T PICK IT UP ..... leave all the Crap at Home!
Also I'm sure a 230kilo Beemer is a lot heavier than a 230kilo K.T.M. (loaded)...Nah...oh..? Are these ar the same people who tell Goldwing Jokes ? ??
I mean Fair Crack of the Sav? You Buy these Bloody Bikes Load them up like a Truck then go off road? Oh the Frame Broke...Oh Its fallen over.... Yeah! A Jack for a Bike it would have to be a "B.M Tosser".
Gees Guys we are spose to be Legends not a GIRLS Blouse...
SHAME ON YOU. Not a Bikers Biscuit! I Hang my Head. Tsk tsk.
I never want to be seen on my Beemer again. ? BIGJim.
BIGJIM, you are the master of the mixed metaphor!! At least you told him what you thought!! They can be a bastard to pick up though! Seems small, light and compact solution if you feel the need, I carry shit that people say why? well I just do!! Each to their own
I live more in 5 minutes on my motorcycle than some people live in a lifetime...............
Where are my pants? Our farmers thank you!
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