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I think it is a great idea, Rob. I'm blessed with being a little larger than the average bear so picking the beast up isn't really an issue for me, but my well documented failing knees may get me to the point of needing this in the future. And considering how much I like dumping it this would be a good solution.

A couple areas of concern:
1) bulk of transport. I'm already not very good at packing light, and this seems like it might add a bit much in the weight department. The come-a-long idea mention earlier seems a bit more viable for the weight/space challenged

2) it seems a bit flimsy as a whole in the bike application. For the snowmobile it just flips it and it lands like a righted Jeep or the like on all fours. As such, I'm not certain in the situation with the snow that would have been particularly safe for you to right it in that manner- if it slides and you are already struggling a bit in the strength/girth department (no offense), there is a possiblity it could get you trapped under the bike or twist something and cause an injury.

However, if you can safety anchor it and get it to where the "squat" isn't as great, it could be a very big help.
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