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High lift for bike

Originally Posted by SocalRob
I was surprised on the snow day when I could not get the beast up, and yes, it may have been due to bad footing. Soft sand was not easy either, especially on the second drop.

For myself, I now know that if conditions are not right, not good footing, maybe a post crash injury, it will be a struggle to get the bike upright. Thats what the jack is for.
These are excellent points. I've dropped my pig 8-10 times and so far (knock on wood), I've just leaned over and lifted her right up, no problem, even in sand, off camber, etc. Having said that, I've never been hurt, or been in mud, or a similiar situation where it would have been a lot harder. I also like your point about multiple drops during a day wearing you down. You just described my sand riding technique. Ride, drop, lift, repeat as necessary....

Its really no different than 4X4'ing. If you go out alone, you need to bring with you the means to self extract. Here in SoCal, a winch isn't enough. Often, there's no place to attach the line too, particularly in the sand. In those instances, a Pull-Pal device that allows you to make your own hard point to winch out against is a good option. I never go out alone without it, and have had occasion to put it to use.

If I was with buddies for a day of riding, I'd save the 6 pounds and leave it at home. If I was going on a trip by myself, particularly if it was over a good distance and in an isolated area, I'd consider bringing one of those.

It ain't for everyone, but I'm sure some folks will put them to good use.


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