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Ok!! Guess that I better get to it. You guys are starting to get mean now

I left Baja and my nice vacation-house
But were so lucky to get an ADV-escort out of Cabo. Adriangmz showed up at 8 am to see me off. Thanks!!! That was kinda cool

Went for La Paz, and the ferry to Topolobampo. We left almost on time, but we got to Topo 12 hours late

Only a little damage from the hurricane on the other side.

Headed north to hit the paved road to Creel.
Couldn’t figure out if there was a better way to get there. My maps sucks!!! So I decided to stick to the safe thing.
Can see now that is was an ok decision, because I only had 2 days to get there. The other people from the rally, that did the dirt roads up there, spend more than that….and some had quite a hard time. So pavement it was….or kinda pavement.

With funny speedbumps

Finnaly got to Creel....after dark
It was a looooong day, 340 miles with a lot of switchbacks. No pics, were way to busy racing the sunset.

Next day the Chabochis Rally - Creel 2008 started.

Ibarra offered a riding clinic. I said yes please
I learn something every time I attend one.
We did drills and sightseeing at the same time.

The place of the wierd Mushrooms

The valley of the Giant Penises….if you are Indian, or The Monks…if you are catholic

Next day I went with Butch towards Urique. Didn’t quite get all the way, but the road was awesome anyway.

Thanks Butch for playing with me. Had a wonderful day

Next day the rally was kinda over. Chuck, Jon and I, was the only ones left. We did a short ride on a “dirt-highway”. Just to play a little. The guys had a hard day the previous day. Right Jon???!!!!!

As usual I didn’t have a plan. So when Chuck offered me and The Smurf a ride in his pickup to MexTrek 2008 - Galeana, Mexico It didn’t take me long to say Yearh
I had seen the thread about the rally, but figured that 800 miles in a couple of days would be too much. Got a ride in a nice truck instead, while learning how to rap in Spanish. How lucky can you get
Thanks Chuck i had a blast....a big one

When we got to Galeana, there were already a lot of bikes lined up.

Chuck lured me out on an exploring trip with Milton as a guide. Guess I was momentarily insane to say yes to that one.

Joe lost his bearing, so the guys did a little field repairing.

I’m not much help repairing anything, but I could chase the cows away from the bikes

Then we continued on The Road On No Map…..don’t know what to say about that exploring-thing
Chuck said that I had despair in my eyes

Think that the despair was most obvious around here

I survived the craziness so I bailed when we got close to pavement. Letting the guys go play some more.

Suddenly I had the time to look at the scenery and take pics

Glad I bailed…they got themselves out in even more trouble after I left them

Next day i went with Jeff to The Top Of The World.
After the exploring-trip every road seemed kinda easy. So we were going at a good speed
Jeff asked me if I was falling a lot.
He didn’t wanna pick me up all day. I didnīt…..Do you fall a lot Jeff???

We went up Mount Potosi. Think it’s 3750 meter. On the worst cobblestone-crap I’ve ever been on. 20 miles up. Damn. My teeth were falling out!! First and last time I rode this road!!!!!
You can’t tell from the picture exactly how crappy it was

When it wasnīt those damn stones, it was some (swearword) loose crap. Thought I had a flat.

The view was nice……but…..Don’t go there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff looking at the now much hated mountain

Man I had a blast for a couple of days
Everyone left me Most where going home to The States, a few where heading south.
It felt very weird that suddenly couldn’t talk to anyone. My Spanish is almost non existing
Decided to spend a few days and get my blog up to date….and satisfy you FFs with my RR. You are accusing me for being lazy. Hmmppffff
Try to get good internet here.

Then I was in for a surprise. A group of Texans rolled in, and invited to ride with them. Guess what I said

I think we’ve been riding for 15 min, when it felt like I was sailing. Damn…A flat. The second flat on the entire trip. The guys almost threw them selves at The Smurfs rear tire. A could just stand there and look….like a girl Exactly like last time I had a flat. Lucky me

The Texans left this morning
I’m staying for The Day of The Dead tomorrow. Then heading south.

Thanks everyone that made my rally’s in Mexico such an enjoyable time. All of you rocks

Hope all you guys that thinks I’m lazy is satisfied now
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