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Thumb The New Gs Riders Important Equipment...

To Exsplore out of ones Driveway and Past the Cafe Latte. One Must have... ?
Hi Lift Jack'
Base Plate for prementioned Device.
Bull the...
Electric Winch. 8000Lb should do?
12v Petrol Powered Genset for said Winch.
Jerry Can of Spare Fuel.
100 mtrs Aircraft Cable'
'D' Shackles.
Tree Protector.
"Men" at Work Warning Signs?
Reflective 'Fold-up' Safety Triangles.
Riggers Gloves.
P.P.E. Gear to suit Rigerous Persuits!
Coat Hanger to Hang-up "Airo-Stitch" Type Jacket so it won't get Dirty.
Air Bag Jack.
Plastic "Ktm Coloured" De-Bogger Mats for soft Ground.
Hand Winch to Exstract the Bogged Trailer you need to carry all the Gear!

My Father ...and MOTHER could lift 100kilos at 84yo. ?
You not picking it up off the ground! Don't you know how to lift your Bike?
Ok Pre School for all you Newbees....Gear Romoved. Bars straight. Bum Backed against seat and Lift the Barstard! With your Legs!!
Practise at Home. Have a mate on Standby. But you will find you CAN do it! ....
Battery Acid? You DON'T have a Gell Cell? Get one is a good idea.
For all the Fems. You put a Tree Branch under your seat over the Lower Muffler Mount/ Swing Arm...what ever and lift it that way!! Piss easy. You'r in sand? Pull the Bike Sideways onto new Ground Jacket under wheel and go again. Done it solo for about 20 Pluss years! Reg stuff Down here! There have you learnt anything? I Bloodywell Doubt it! Practise. BIGJim.
"Every Day, is a great Day on A Motor Cycle" ! -Quote Marty Shields.
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