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Close the zippers. Doesnt matter which zipper. Some of my favs:
-Close the zipper on the tankbag before flipping it out of the way to fuel the bike. There is nothing like tossing a tank bag aside and watching its contents scatter across the gas station pump lanes to sop up spilled fuel and get driven over.
-zip up the big pocket on the stich so that the important papers et al will not blow out of the ballooning pocket and scatter along the roadway who knows where?
-if you seemingly freeze to death as the temps fall, remember to zip up the vents in your gear. I have entertaining budds who stop for coffee and the 'warm-up' dance and then ride on only to do it again 40 min later because they cant remember to zip up the vents.
-any unzipped opening invariably is located in a place to catch the most rain.

Empty the oil drain pan as soon as possible rather than just shoving it out of the way. On more than one occasion I have ridden over the edge of it while pulling into my garage. The fluidity of the arcing waste oil is quite beautiful in the moment right before it paints the ceiling, tool box, rider...
"beware the grease mud. for therein lies the skid demon."-memory from an old Honda safety pamphlet
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