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Originally Posted by Nixels
The guy might be related to those numbnuts that Tim's dealing with, since he wants $1,500 for something that needs a fair amount of repair,
Have you actually seen it? I contacted him weeks ago & he sent me pictures. That bike is not restorable. The plastics are destroyed and the rest of it isn't in much better shape. He was so pompous in the email that I never even bothered to respond ("$1500 firm, I know what it is and I know what it's worth" ).

I thought about buying it, stripping it and building a pseudo Dakar bike out of it but I wouldn't pay more than $1000 for it (well, maybe $1200).

FWIW: I paid $2000 for AK's 650. It had 5,600 miles on it and a new battery. It needed a shock rebuild, a fork rebuild, steering head bearings (actually corroded flat spots into themselves), the carbs challenged my last nerve and the corrosion created some intermittent electrical issues. At the end of the day, it was still in far better shape than that CL bike.

I do think it would be a cool basis for a more dirt-oriented bike though. As I posted before: the rear shock is capable of 9" of travel. The front fork is a bit spindly but it's workable. Somebody could ditch the heavy muffler, some of the extra bracketry and maybe even put a smaller battery and ditch the starter (it's surprisingly easy to kickstart). A 7" Baja light up front and minimal instruments would finish it off. A couple of pull-off 750 cylinders and pistons could up the displacement on the otherwise over carbureted engine (twin 34mm for only 650cc ).

A 375 pound, 750cc dirtbike for about $3000.'ve got me talking myself into it again.

Oh yeah, I just remembered their one weak spot: the transmissions are made of glass. Must. Remember. That.
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