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Spent the weekend installing Centech and some dedicated circuits.

Here's the BackOFF voltage monitor installed. I'll test ride in a bit, but at least at first glance, this thing ROCKS! It cycles through the different colors on start up, and then dims partially so that brightness is not bothersome. If it goes to yellow or red, the color again intensifies to alert rider.

It was a little tricky getting it into corner, but location seems perfect. The "brains" are epoxy-encased in a very well done aluminum extrusion and fit nicely below the headlight (stick on with provided adhesive pad). I opted to run extension wires back to Centech, just because I didn't want to tap headlight and also because I figured best to monitor V as close to battery as possible. Need to tidy up the red/black supply wires seen in pic.

Nice product, good documentation, and reasonably priced IMHO.

As you can tell from red indicator, my battery is on its last leg.
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