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Just went through this last Friday myself. I fell off one of my dirtbikes well over a year ago and heard a loud pop as I landed with my arm extended trying to prevent some jagged rocks from hitting my goggles. I was able to ride out of the woods, was very sore but had full range of motion.

For 3 months I could not sleep on my left side and had some soreness and such, but it was improving on its own and I had full range of motion w/o tons of pain, so I just let it ride. Well late spring this year I upped my riding and training and I seemed to reach a wall of endurance/stamina and the first thing to go was my shoulders fatiguing making tree avoidance at any speed difficult. So I went to the doc end of this summer and got some PT, it made me incredibly sore and offered no improvement as it was re-aggrevating the initial injury. MRI proceeded and they said I had a very small SLAP tear present.

Surgery last Friday, doc not only found the small section torn away from the bone, but a slit in the base of the tendon that required 3 anchors/sutures to fix it that never showed up on the MRI in addition to the one anchor for the tear they did see. It was done arthroscopically and I have 4 good sized holes in my shoulder as a result. As for pain, I did do the block on their recommendation and from there they had prescribed percocet for 2-3 days following. I took one about 10 hours after the first surgery and they 1 every 5 or so hours after that for only a day. As I was sitting at home on the couch with a whole bunch of pillows it wasn't too hard to get comfy and sleep on and off for a couple hours at a time. Once I tried getting back into a normal schedule though the percocet became more of a necessity in order to get a full 4-5 hours of sleep without interruption I am finding. During the day as I'm on the run quite a bit and in the middle of renovating my rental house, I find Tylenol does ok to keep the pain manageable. The real pain though is setting in though of the atrophy of not using my left arm at all and having a good portion of it's weight sitting on the opposite shoulder which has got me all jacked up in the shoulders. I also get to wear the sling for a month and then have 1-2 months of PT and then re-diagnose from there. I am hoping to be back on a street bike by mid Dec at least and then maybe hit the dirt non-competively in January.
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