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Originally Posted by Bert
The K12RS really had oomph in the passing range, and pulled hard over 100 too although the new transverse K12 must blow it away with 40 more horses. But as I said, I really miss my 2003.
My K1200R Sport has the shortest gearing of the lot, and it pulls so hard it's like getting handjob from a female bodybuilder! I only took it to redline in top gear one time... A guy in one of the new Corvette Z06's was toying with me on a long 2 lane stretch of otherwise deserted highway, so I unleashed the fury. I literally left him for dead up until 120 or so, and then he started to gain on me. He only caught me when I hit the rev limiter in 6th. GPS had me pegged at 157mph actual. If not for the limiter, and lack of an extra gear (which the engine could have easily pulled) I doubt he would have caught me! When we slowed to a reasonable speed, he rolled down his window, and I could tell by the look on his face that he was in disbelief. He couldn't believe any bike, much less a stock BMW could run away from a 500hp car. He asked all of the usual questions, then went on his way. I've ridden full on sport bikes that were "faster", but I can't recall any that pulled with as much authority as the K12R.
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