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I had shoulder surgery on 2/22/08 required due to a major wreck while DH skiing. I tore two tendons completely off the bone (subscapular and supraspinatus) and ruptured a third (Bicep tendon). I was in a sling day and night for six weeks but started PT 4 days after the surgery. The PT continued for 4 months @ 3 days a week. Most of the PT time was spent on increasing range of motion and I also did strength training exercises 2x a day at home. It was difficult and very painful at first but after a few months things got a little better. I am 52 and in good shape. I first got back on my bicycle (road) in early June and got back on my 1150GS a week later. I stayed on the asphalt and and took it pretty easy for the first two weeks, but I have been riding ever since without any issues. My shoulder feels pretty good now but there is still some pain and it is still weaker that before the crash. I was told it would be a year or more from the surgery date before I would fully heal and that there was a possibility it would never be 100%. From where I am now that seems pretty accurate. Don't overdo it, Do exactly what the Doctor and the PT tell you and although it will take awhile you will be OK and eventually back on the bike. Good luck.
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