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January of 2007 I dislocated my left shoulder in a hiking / rock climbing fall so badly the head of the Humerus was wedged under the collarbone. That was a most unpleasant hike 1/2 mile back to the trailhead! Went to the E.R. and they finally managed to put it back in place and immediately scheduled an MRI. The shopping list of damage was really impressive, and the doctor scheduled me for wide open surgery the next week. Nine days after the accident I got back on the bike and took an experimental ride which turned into a three hundred mile weekend on every twisty road I could find. You should have seen the look on the doctor's face when I walked into his office for the pre op exam carrying my helmet! After the exam he said "Damn. There goes the next payment on my Ferrari!" and he cancelled surgery, gave me a Cortisone shot that hurt more than the original injury, and scheduled lots of PT. Just before I left I surprised him again by handing back the unopened bottle of Vicodin he gave me. That's right -- not only did I not take them, I hadn't taken so much as a Aspirin the whole time. If you want to learn my pain control techniques let me know. Four months later I had full ROM and was largely pain free, and it hasn't given me any trouble since. By the way, I was 53 at the time of the accident but in excellent condition, and I'm sure this was a contributing factor in my recovery.

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