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Wow, that broke easy
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Originally Posted by DrFaulken
If you wind up getting the Ultra II pants, I recommend washing them a few times and then tumble-drying them with NO HEAT in a dryer with a pair of shoes or two. It really takes the brittleness out of the mesh kevlar.
I think he was talking about the "regular" Ultra II pants (ie Stretch Kevlar) rather than the Air Mesh version.
I have the Mesh Jacket and the stretch kevlar pants... great combo for my temperature range here in Pennsylvania. The Quad armor was more difficult to break in with the pants but I figured out a good method. I wore the pants around the house one night and strapped the armor down tight to my leg (with an ace bandage or some string etc) then it formed to the shape/size of my legs pretty quickly.

Originally Posted by ikonoklass
Wayne would automatically get my business by default. But as nearly as I can tell, it is simply impossible to navigate to Wayne's leather products on his existing website. WTF?
Just call and talk to him.
This is a lot of money to drop on a purchase, so by talking to him you can make sure you're comfortable that you're getting what you wanted. Plus he can help you with the measurements over the phone.
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