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Originally Posted by alfonso-lanka
Beware of the placenames: these need BIG corrections, as they were mostly plucked from Russian maps (and converting Tibetan names from Russian into English is not my strongest point).
Rather you than me. Some ideas for you -

DEM data can be used to generate the topo lines - and they look fairly accurate in other parts of the world. (lots of work there)

City/towns can be had from some us site - the resoultion (accuracy limited) is not good - but if you used the russian maps as an under lay (calibrated to the topo lines above) you could move them to a more accurate location. (less work than what you are doing? There should be a link on teh Oziexplorer site ?)

Then it would be a matter of tracing out the roads - roughly where it does not matter .. with more precision where they cross.

After you get tracks - include them for accuracy. POI for fuel/places to stay/ATMs/views .. etc .

Look forward to seeing your work ..
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