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[quote=badcooky]You are on the money Xrider.
I've just put an TM40 on a my modded XR650r and it's way better than the stocker.The TM40 kit for an XR650R comes with the needle and needle jet way too rich and most people give up,but once sorted out they are awesome.
My pumper is a bit rich but i've just put on a set of Staintune headers so this should be better now.
I will oval bore my TM40 when i go to 680CC.
It feels like it's fuel injected now it's that smooth.
I think the problem with the Eddies is that it only uses a needle and it's only good up top or down low through the settings.
I have an idea for a solution but i don't have an Eddie to try it on.
You know those power now wing things most people buy and throw away, well the secret with them is that they richen up the bottom end and you have to lean it out a size or two.Once this is done they are great.

Hey bud, again

did you change the jetting on the carb, or does it run ok? I have the XR's only headers and pipe that is why I am asking.
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